(Version 2: 18th December 2021)

The Club has reviewed its health and safety obligations to members and the people we provide services to in the light of the current COVID-19 situation. This has included consideration of the vaccination mandates recently announced for the health and education sectors – which are highly relevant to the Junior Surf activities we undertake.

The policies outlined below reflect the current Covid Protection Framework at Onemana and take into account Government and SLSNZ guidance. As circumstances change these policies will be reviewed and updated. Specific policies will also be developed for managing events that the Club usually runs over summer – assuming they can be run. These policies will be supplemented by specific implementation processes and procedures developed by the Committee.

The Policies set-out the Club’s expectations on vaccinations for all lifesaving and key personnel at the Club and given the appropriate amount of time will become firm requirements.


Vaccination Mandate

The Committee have made the decision that evidence of vaccination (My Vaccine Pass) is required by those older than 12 years and 3 months to access the following:

  • Any SLSNZ competitions/events - effective 18th December 2021
  • All volunteer lifeguards including patrol support are required to be double vaccinated by the 1st January 2022
  • Access to the clubhouse (change rooms, gear shed storage, patrol room, etc.) – effective from Saturday 18th December   
  • Any coaches, assistant coaches, water safety or volunteers including for junior surf – effective from Saturday 18th December

We ask all members to submit a registered record of your vaccination certificate (Not Pass) directly to as soon as possible.

The above decisions have not been taken lightly by the Committee and we do appreciate that not everyone will agree with the above decisions. As a club, we do need to comply with SLSNZ decisions and take a practical approach to the Covid Protection Framework.


  • This is our core activity for the beach-going community. We intend to run weekend volunteer patrols (and our weekday Regional Guard program during the summer peak) across the season.
  • Due to the nature of their role, the expectation is that all patrolling lifeguards will have had their two COVID-19 vaccines by the commencement of our peak summer season (18th December 2021). This will require the first dose on or before 5th November (reflecting the timeline for health worker sector vaccinations).

Junior Surf

  • Junior surf participants are a vulnerable community.
  • Due to the nature of their role (being akin to teachers), the expectation is that all Junior Surf coaches and volunteer assistants (including parents, and those with children under 7 who must attend sessions with their child) have had their two COVID-19 vaccines delivered before they can facilitate Junior Surf sessions. Vaccine Passports will need to be viewed before parents can assist


Surf Sports

  • Due to the nature of their role, the expectation is that all Surf Sports coaches (and any dedicated parent assistants) have had their two COVID-19 vaccines delivered before they can facilitate training sessions. Vaccine Passports will need to be viewed before parents can assist.

Club Facilities 

  • Scanning of the QR code is required upon entry.

  • Scanning or viewing of Vaccine Passports upon entry.
  • Club premises may be used for all activities but - face masks must be worn indoors unless full ventilation is in place and social distancing is adhered to. The preference is for outdoor gatherings on the deck where possible.


Please contact the club administrator at in the first instance.