Onemana Surf Lifesaving Club,

For the historical note, I initially started this project in 2013-2014.

At this point, I was the current Chairman for Ngati Puu Hapu-

In 2017 I became the Mandated Kaitiaki for the Ngati Paoa Iwi - as both whanaus have interests in this whenua I could be on-site as both representatives.

By 2021 I would have the privilege to be involved with the opening to this site, this would involve the cultural opening, of which I was happy and privileged to give some history to this whenua, and also the Hapu and whanaus associated with this piece of whenua. My explanation would include the brief discretion of the waka movement of The Te Arawa and the Tainui Waka, as my grandfather would come from the Te-Arawa waka -and my grandmothers would come from the Tainui waka.

My grandfather Paoas Father(Heke I te Rangi) was on the Te-Arawa waka, which was captained by the Great Rangatira Tama Te Kapua- of which is buried on the top of Moehau Mountain. Paoa is the younger brother to Mahuta-(Tawhio) the Maori King Line.

Paoa Married Maru Tuahu's Great Grand Daughter Tukutuku the Daughter - Taharua the son of Tamatera the elder brother of Whnaunga of which Ngati Whanaunga Hail. I come from the firstborn of Paoa & Tukutuku, whose son is called Hikaiti. This whakapapa is from my Mothers side, and my grandpa was Henare Hikaiti Paora Of the Hikaiti whanau- my grandfather Henare is buried south of Paeroa At Ngahu toitoi Marae with his wife Hera Hikaiti - Henare did not go back to Taupari as per custom he wanted to be buried with his wife Hera. ( my mum's name also is Hera Hikaiti ).

It was at the teaching of my grandfather Henare to always stay close to Tama Te PO - of which Ngati Pu would come. Tama TePO was the eldest son of Maru Tuahu. There is also a blood connection through Tamatepos wife of which I also relate.

I was greatly relieved to finally meet the Ngati Pu representative  Awhina-. As many of our people have experienced the huge loss of whanau and whenua it can be very difficult to find the Authentic representation, I was very pleased to have met Awhina and will support her efforts in the representation of the Tama te PO whakapapa.

I will be very pleased to advise if there is a need to going forward.

My thanks to Laurie stubbing for keeping the focus to provide health and safety of our communities of which our Maori whanaus ( My People) will also experience the benefits. I look forward to enjoying the benefits that this project will bring to all our community.

Taupa Ngaruhe - Hikitapua-Hikaiti-Paora-Paul.