About Us

We are a small Surf Club located in the heart of the Coromandel, just north of Whangamata. We were established in 1989, and have actively patrolled Onemana Beach ever since. Our club is made up of a group of volunteers from across the country, both old and young. We welcome any new members or visitors, just come by for a chat.

Our lifeguards patrol the beach from Christmas till Auckland Anniversary weekend, as well as Labour weekend and Easter weekend.

To become a lifeguard, the ‘entry-level’ qualification is the Surf Lifeguard Award. Our lifeguards are typically trained from Junior Surf through our Rookie program, but we welcome anyone of any age.  We are committed to the ongoing learning and the development of our lifeguards through providing a wide range of courses to develop lifesaving skills, first aid, coaching and instruction, leadership, teamwork, and communication – all to help our lifeguards to help make Onemana Beach safer.

Club Committee Members

Club Chair: Nick McLeay 

Treasurer: Jenni Taylor

Administrator: Anagha Pasche

Club Captain: Phoebe Havill

Lifesaving Co-ordinator: Jack Sewell

Committee Member: Charlotte Toumadj

Committee Member: Tayla Clark

Committee Member: Alison Mitchell

Committee Member: Kevin Thorburn​​​​​​​